Do you have to cap everything?

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Monty Burns
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Re: Do you have to cap everything?

Post by Monty Burns » Mon Apr 05, 2010 5:07 am

I suspect that what you are experiencing is server specific as I have made well over 500 million selling non-capped weapons (1140-1148dps) and I can sell any capped weapons I produce for ridiculous prices using the SOE trade forums.

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Re: Do you have to cap everything?

Post by thegreywolfe » Fri May 14, 2010 5:49 pm

You don't have to cap a weapon to make good money on it. Frankly, as I've explained to customers (after having a few explain it to me), getting within a few points of cap is still a damn good weapon. You have to break down that DPS into something that is understandable.

For Example:
Your gun is 5 pts below capped on DPS, this means that your gun will do 300 pts per minute less than a capped gun in damage via straight DPS (no specials being fired). I'm not sure what the math works out to with specials being fired, but as you can see 300 pts over the space of a full minute makes very little difference. So dont' give up on weaponsmithing because you can't quite reach cap on your weapons.

Also, when it comes to custom orders, I'd recommend always explaining to the customer that it takes multiple attempts to even get close to cap. If they want it perfect cap, I usually send them to one of the better weaponsmiths on the server.


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