Structures update timing?

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Structures update timing?

Post by Ibaum »

Any word yet? I chose this side simply because there hadn't been a post in more than a month. I'm still on hiatus and following as closely as I can, but haven't seen anything yet.
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Re: Structures update timing?

Post by Savacc »

There is a munitions revamp for weapon crafting on TC now. Also a Droid Commander update that will make class simular to Beast Master, except it will be with Droids. As far as I know, there is no "Structures Update" coming anytime soon.
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Re: Structures update timing?

Post by daegon_bria »

I have found that most updates to this profession have been done as more or a trickle down effect. That is, when the space system gets revamped, a few more shipwright items are available or get tweaked. New collections get new schematics. As this is one of the traders professions that has been quite viable i don't think there is much urgency from the dev team to update the Structures profession.

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