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available resources

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:24 pm
by scepe
i have just looked at the current resources available please can someone explain what the red,green and amber coloured numbers meanand how alow number ie 578 can be represented as being 100% and how this affects the item when you craft with it
how long does a resouce spawn for as some are showing as 9/10 days old

Re: available resources

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:02 pm
by Savacc
Welcome to SWGCraft and the Shipwright forum :D

I heartily recommend you read Z's Guide for Beginning Traders. ... ?f=6&t=460

This answers all the questions you have asked and many more :lol:
Just to give you a few answers now, Red means its an awesome resource stat, Green means its good, yellow just so so.
As to why 578 can be 100%, well, some resources have "caps" or "gates". Your resource is probably "capped" at 550 or maybe even lower. So one would think that means that resources can never go above the "cap". However, some resources were added after the game started. These resources can go above the "cap", but to reconcile them with the "cap" for old resources they are treated as 100% for "cap" purposes if they go over the "cap". :roll: Are you confussed yet?
Most resources last 8-14 days, some 14-21, depends on what it is, but thats in Z's guide too.

I hope you read my Shipwright FAQ at the top of this page. If you have more questions, please come back and ask, that is what we are here for. Pretty soon you will be answering other peoples questions. :D