list of looted ship part levels

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list of looted ship part levels

Post by scepe »

Is there anywhere a list of the ship components and their levels eg i know that borstel disrupter and incom tri cannon are level 8 but it would be nice when looking on the bazaar for filler parts to RE with,to beable to look for names of parts instead of going through pages and pages and pages etc ....etc.... of the related componant.
Any shipwright information greatly appreciated as its a big galaxy out there
Also looking for droid engineer, other shipwrights and any other uk players on the bria server
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Re: list of looted ship part levels

Post by dratsablive »

In case you're still looking: Component List
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Re: list of looted ship part levels

Post by NaeBliss »

Cant see what thqat link goes to, its blocked at my work.
but here:
can you find it also its the SWG wiki, just select the component and print the list.

good luck

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