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New Struture Trader RE space loot

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:23 pm
by wolf0013
I have just started with this game, yea it probaly a suprise, but hey, why not.

And i am learning things as i go, but I dont know how to RE space loot and was told that Strututedtrader could do that, I am level 13 right now, and I havent been able to find any infomation, anyone who can explain it to me

Re: New Struture Trader RE space loot

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:24 pm
by Savacc
Welcome to the game and our forums Wolf, :D

First, you are asking in the wrong place. It is totally understandable why you would though, so it's not your fault. :D Space REing is totally different then the REing being discussed here. It is unfortunate that the devs call both systems Reverse Engineering. If you had gone to the Shipwright forum you might have found this thread. Where I talk about Space REing and give a link to a guide on the official forums. (This post was copied from the RE forum, hence this paragraph is grayed out.)

Im tempted to move this post to the Shipwright forums, but maybe I should leave it as kind of a signpost to other people looking for help in Space REing? Z or Feralmonkey, this is your forum, if you think it should be moved, Ild understand either way.

Wolf, part of your problem is your lvl. You dont gain the ability to RE space parts until you are high enough to manufacture them. That is, you must be able to make lvl 1 space parts before you can RE lvl 1 space loot, then after you can make lvl 2 parts, you will be able to RE lvl 2 loot, and so on.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Re: New Struture Trader RE space loot

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:41 pm
by wolf0013
thanks for the welcomming ^^ and thanks for the help

Re: New Struture Trader RE space loot

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:48 pm
by Allurbase
It's all very simple for RE-ing space parts -- completely different from the other sorts of RE-ing that can now be done. First, you need to craft a Component Analysis Tool, which your Shipwright tool will probably open up on as a default. Next, you put into that tool the appropriate number of looted space items. You put exactly one item in for a RE-level 1 item, exactly two in for an RE-level 2 item, and so on up to exactly ten for RE-level 10 items. I say RE-level because some looted items have different RE levels than their "Tier" ... for example, a Tier 6 reactor may have a RE level of 8. You find the RE level at the bottom of the stats. If none is listed, then you've got your hands on either a looted item that has already been RE'd (you can only RE an item once) or you have a crafted item (crafted items cannot be RE'd at all).

There are two advantages to RE-ing items. (1) the RE'd item gets the best of the stats of all the items used (simple example: a tier-2 reactor has a high energy generation, a second has a lower mass: RE-in these items together gives you the high generation rate and the low mass; and (2) you get a bonus, depending on the level (1-5%, depending on what tier the RE'd item is) that improves all of the stats.

There is a third possible bonus -- you could get a disk (one of a series of eight different disks) that when you have all eight will give you a limited-use deed to build a KSE Firespray -- the ship that Boba Fett flew.

There are all sorts of resources on the Pilot's forums for reverse-engineering space items, you may want to check out the links in the the Pilot's Academy ( ... _id=247835) in the Components section or check out the link to Some people get pretty fanatical about Space RE-ing so there's a lot of information, most of it good, out there on it.

One other key piece of information to know is that not all RE'd parts are better than crafted parts. In my experience, in the middle tiers RE'd boosters and reactors are generally better than what you can craft, but otherwise I've found crafted parts to be superior. There are exceptions -- for example, the best Tier 8 cannon you can get is a carefully RE'd Borstel (neutral pilot reward) or Incom Tri-Cannon (rebel pilot reward, identical stats to the Borstel). Or the other way around -- I generally can't beat the booster energy of an RE'd booster, but as an Ithorian SW (Ithies and Sullistans get racial bonuses to weapon, engine and booster crafting) with my racial, expertise and outfit bonuses giving me 18 points to experiment with, I can get a booster that crushes RE'd boosters for acceleration, speed, and consumption rate all in one item.

So, to end this ""simple" little tidbit on Space RE-ing, if you're just starting off and don't have the high-end resources to make premium stuff yet, selling RE'd loot (or using it) can be a means to build your funds (selling at a disount when you can't beat the crafted gear) until you do have the resources. If you really get into it, you'll horde the best you can find for individual stats till you can make the best possible item out there -- I know one guy who's been collecting for two years now before he'll RE his Borstel. For others (like me, only a little fanatical and more of a fan) it can be an interesting hobby. Again, I'd go look at the links in the Pilot's Academy and read up on the threads posted there.

Re: New Struture Trader RE space loot

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 8:56 pm
by Savacc
Nice writeup Allurbase, :D Ild like to welcome you to the forums too. :D You really need to start posting more often.

Re: New Struture Trader RE space loot

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:21 pm
by Zimoon
Welcome to as well wolf0013 as Allurbase :)

And a great summary Allur, I cannot agree more with S on this one.

I copied this topic into SW where this summary makes sense, and I am gonna edit parts of S's post not to confuse newcomers 8)