GU 15: Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege

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GU 15: Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege

Post by Zimoon » Tue Jan 26, 2010 7:23 am

Star Wars Galaxies™ Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege (Game Update 15)

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Publish Notes

*Receiving Coded Transmission*

Imperial Naval Communiqué #31756

To: Fleet High Command and Sr. Officers

From: Ysanne Isard, Director of Imperial Intelligence

Imperial counterintelligence agents embedded with a Rebel Bothan spy network intercepted the following Alliance transmission. Our field agents have noticed heightened Rebel activity in certain sectors, and it appears as though we have uncovered the cause:

Following the recent situation on Dathomir, and additional rumors of Imperial atrocities, it is imperative that we take extreme measures to expand our intelligence gathering networks and secure vital communications routes. I am calling on all fleet commanders to rally ships and available ground forces to three critical strategic points across the galaxy:

Tatooine – city of Bestine: The capital of Tatooine is rife with corruption and political turmoil, and is also a key Imperial outpost. If we take and hold this city we will control a wealth of information that moves through the galactic underworld.

Talus – city of Dearic: Another capital city plagued by dirty politics and scandal, Dearic is also home to a diverse and bustling Starport. Control of this city provides a broad spectrum of intelligence that will span the entire galaxy.

Naboo – city of Keren: As the Emperor’s home world, Naboo is the beating heart of the Empire. To establish a control point on this planet would not only supply access to crucial intelligence, but would also be a devastating blow to Imperial morale and the Emperor himself. With its high level of commerce and financial influence throughout the Naboo system, Keren is the perfect target for this operation.

This mission takes top priority. The Empire must not be allowed to hold these cities. Good luck, and May the Force Be With You!

-- Leia Organa

Imperial Intelligence has confirmed the authenticity of this transmission. Squadrons will be assigned to deliver ground invasion forces to each of these locations to take and secure the cities. Under no circumstance can we allow these Rebel scum to gain a foothold. Be advised that Lord Vader himself has taken a personal interest in this matter, and failure will not be tolerated.

*Transmission End*
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Re: GU 15: Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege

Post by Zimoon » Tue Jan 26, 2010 7:47 am

Original thread
Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege Features

New, massive invasion/siege warfare scenarios in three major cities - Bestine, Dearic and Keren featuring: New Gameplay:
  • Dynamic changes occur in cities based on which faction is currently in control. Cities will display Imperial or Rebel banners and faction-specific NPCs, quests, terminals and pylons depending on which faction is on top
  • Added support for Factional Mercenaries. Neutral players can align themselves with either faction to participate in city conflicts and earn rewards
  • Mayors of player cities are able to set their city’s factional alignment from the management terminal
  • Win battles within newly implemented Planetary Regions, which determine which faction controls a planet
  • New Planetary Region Display interface shows which faction is in command of regions and planets throughout the galaxy
New Interactive Structures:
  • Defend your city by manning barricades and building defensive turrets
  • Assault enemy cities and take out defense structures and key enemy personnel with the might of AT-AT or Hailfire missile attacks
All New Profession-Based Quests:
  • Contribute to the battle with profession-specific quests that let you bolster defending or invading forces
  • Improve and repair defensive structures, revive fallen soldiers, heal fatigue, entertain demoralized troops, slice terminals, scout and sabotage patrol points, and more
New Rewards:
  • Reap the benefits of war when you successfully lay waste to your opponents with invasion-specific quests
  • Earn tokens for defending your city with battle-specific quests such as manning barricades, building turrets and treating wounded soldiers
  • Cash in tokens for new rewards, which include: faction-specific clothing including capes, cloaks and battle-scarred armor; Entertainer glow sticks and multiple new weapons
The Galactic Civil War is being introduced with Update 15. With this update, your GCW points are directly responsible for control of cities, planets, and the galaxy. You will see these changes reflected on your planetary and galactic maps. Bestine on Tatooine, Dearic on Talus, and Keren on Naboo have been turned on for the new invasion system.

  • Defense
    • Bestine
      • The Defending General can be found inside Bestine at -1214 -3626.
      • An Officer giving defending players quests can be found not far from the General at -1195 -3620.
    • Daeric
      • The Defending General can be found inside Daeric at 479 -3007.
      • An Officer giving defending players quests can be found not far from the General at 478 -3023.
    • Keren
      • The Defending General can be found inside Keren at 2131 2766.
      • An Officer giving defending players quests can be found not far from the General at 1787 2512.
  • Offensive
    • Offensive Camps can be used by the invading faction for invasion specific quests, entertaining players, recruitment, and cloning.
    • Bestine
      • Camps for the invading faction can be found just outside of Bestine at -900 -3782, -1253 -3348,
      and -1184 -3821.
    • Daeric
      • Camps for the invading faction can be found just outside of Daeric at -2 -2805, 355 -2605, and -890 -2994.
    • Keren
      • Camps for the invading faction can be found just outside of Keren at 1820 2192, 2131 2766, and 1212 3054.
  • Construction
    • Tools:
      • Tools must be constructed to make pylons. Their resources are available from a supply terminal near the offensive and defensive general.
      • Supply terminals may be sliced by smugglers to provide optional components. Slicing the terminal repeatedly will increase the quality of the optional components.
    • Pylons:
      • Pylons are construction points where you get construction quests.
      • Pylons are constructed by tools, which trade skill players manufacture. Anyone may use a tool, but trade skill players are the most effective at using tools during construction.
      • Constructing a pylon fatigues the builder, causing the construction of pylons to take longer and longer. This can be eliminated by visiting entertainers to work off fatigue.
      • Some Pylons have 4 levels:
        • Level 0: No construction and will not spawn during the battle.
          • Level 1: 1-49 resources have been constructed on the pylon.
          • Level 2: 50-99 resources have been constructed on the pylon.
          • Level 3: 100 resources have been constructed on the pylon.
      • Pylon objects:
        • Soldier Patrol:
          • This object spawns NPC's and is represented by a helmet icon floating over it.
          • Defensive patrols stay entrenched at their constructed location.
          • Offensive patrols assault defensive positions.
        • Barricade:
          • This object guards nearby players and NPC's and is represented by a barricade icon
          floating over it.
        • Turret:
          • Turrets are AI controlled and fire at enemies nearby. The pylon for these is represented by a gun barrel or dish icon floating over it.
        • Tower:
          • Towers buff non-player controlled AI nearby to do incredible amounts of damage. The pylon is represented by a floating tower icon over it.
        • Vehicle Patrol:
          • Vehicle patrols spawn tough vehicles and are represented by a terminal icon floating over it.
    • Pylons are converted to their corresponding object when the construction phase ends and the battle phase begins.
  • Battle
    • Vehicle spawn points:
      • Level 1: Level 60 elite vehicle
      • Level 2: Level 90 elite vehicle
      • Level 3: Level 90 boss vehicle
    • Patrol spawn points:
      • Level 1: Level 60 NPC
      • Level 2: Level 90 NPC
      • Level 3: Level 90 elite NPC
      • Entertainers may entertain patrol points to buff NPC's spawned for both invasion and defense of a city.
      • Patrol points may be sabotaged by spies, which require a quest from their faction's general/attaché.
    • Barricade:
      • No levels, but HP is increased by 5000HP per resource added.
      • Barricades offer defender quests for general combat.
    • Tower:
      • No levels, but HP is increased by 5000HP per resource added.
      • Vehicles target towers
    • Turret:
      • 5000HP per resource added.
      • Level 1-3: Increased damage per shot, but it can be mitigated by armor.
      • Turrets offer defender quests for general combat.
    • Wounded soldiers:
      • Offer a quest to revive fallen soldiers to medics. Will reinforce a location or begin patrolling into the city to add to the invasion force.
    • Damaged vehicles:
      • Offer a quest to tradeskill players for repair. Once repaired, they will reinforce the invading force by patrolling into the city.
    • Demoralized troops:
      • Offer a quest to entertainers to be entertained and rejoin the battle effort for both offense and defense.
  • Invasions occur every three hours and last an hour. Two of the three cities will be active during each invasion.
    • The construction phase lasts 30 minutes.
    • The battle phase lasts 30 minutes.
    • Defeating a defensive general will end a battle with the offensive team as the victors.
    • Keeping the defensive general alive for the entire battle phase (30 minutes) will allow the defending team to win.
    • Defensive general will flag players as Special Forces, if they persist in attacking him. A warning window will be displayed for attacking a general and not being Special Forces.
  • The Planetary Map for the appropriate planet will show the current phase that Bestine, Daeric, or Keren is currently in (construction, combat or occupation).
  • Factional Helper
    • Neutral players can become factional helper to help their favorite faction.
      • Use the command browser, /factionalHelper slash command, a faction recruiter, an invading city General or a city defensive Field Commander NPC to access the factional helper system.
      • There is a 30 minutes cooldown once you have stopped helping one side before you can start helping the other side. You can still immediately help the side that you most recently stopped helping.
      • If you are a Special Forces factional helper, you will be automatically changed to Combatant factional helper upon cloning.
  • Factional Presence
    • If you are factional special forces (NOT factional helper special forces), "actively" playing the game, not cloaked/incapped/dead, and out in the world in a GCW contested region, each minute, for risking life and limb to provide factional presence/patrolling the GCW contested region, you will automatically provide a nominal amount of points to the GCW score for your faction for the contested area. The amount of points is proportionate to the character level, plus a 10% bonus for each GCW rank.
    • Factional presence is only granted if you (or if mounted, your vehicle/mount) are on the ground out in the world. This means that factional presence is not granted if you (or if mounted, your vehicle/mount) are in/on any part of a structure (like entrance steps, roof, balcony, theater stage, etc), or on a bridge, or in a garden, or in the bazaar/bank plaza, or on a storyteller platform, etc.
    • A "GCW Factional Presence" radial menu has been added to the War Terminal and the War Intel Pad that displays a window showing the GCW contested regions that currently have factional presence activity.
  • Player City Factional Alignment
    • The mayor can set the city's factional alignment from the city's management terminal.
    • There is a 1 day wait to switch the city's factional alignment. There is no wait to align with the same faction that the city most recently aligned with.
    • The city's factional alignment is displayed in the city's status window and in the announcement message when you enter the city's borders.
    • If factional presence (see above) occurs within the borders of a same aligned player city (i.e. the player city overlaps the GCW contested region, and the factional presence occurs in the overlap area), there is a 100% bonus, plus a 10% bonus per city rank, plus a 5% bonus per year of city age.
  • Travel Perks And Restrictions:
    • Once a planet is 70% controlled by a faction, the following travel perks and restrictions will apply to GCW officers. To repeat, GCW travel perks and restrictions only apply to GCW officers.
    • GCW officers of the controlling faction will have 0 shuttle wait time.
    • GCW officers of the losing faction can only board every other shuttle, or pay a 50000 credits surcharge (each time) to avoid waiting for every other shuttle.
    • GCW officers of the losing faction must pay a surcharge for shuttle travel if either the departure or the arrival planet is 70% controlled by the opposing faction, whichever is greater. The amount of surcharge is 500 credits for each % above 70%.
    • If the planet has more than 1 Starport, only 1 Starport will be available for interplanetary ticket travel (both outgoing and incoming) to GCW officers of the losing faction. The 1 Starport that is available is the one that is least controlled by the controlling faction.
  • User Interface
    • The Galactic Civil War Information Screen:
      • A new button has been added to the button bar. The Galactic Civil War screen is THE location to get all the information you need to see what's going on in your part of the world, or how the war is going in other galaxies and the final score across all galaxies.
      • This screen can also be brought up with the /gcwInfo command.
    • The Galactic Travel Map:
      • The planet map has been updated to show areas that affect the outcome of the Galactic Civil War as well as the score for that current zone.
      • Areas currently under rebel control will show up as a rebel insignia, imperial control shows up as an imperial insignia, and 50/50 zones are shown with a contested insignia.
      • You can prevent the Galactic Civil War zones from showing up on your planet map by simply unchecking the "Show GCW Contested Zones" option on the Planet Map window.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Spawns will now be affected by a regions GCW score. The higher the score is in a region, the more likely you will be to see troops from the faction that is currently winning.
    • There are new collections tied to the GCW city invasions.
    • GCW points directly affect some planetary spawns and are properly represented on the war terminal.
    • Mon Calamari Cruisers or Star Destroyers will appear in the sky of a planet, depending on who is winning. The more your side is winning by, the more ships you'll see.
  • Replaced the original two story battlefield bunkers with reworked single story bunkers to address the line-of-sight issues caused by pvp'ing in those buildings.
  • Frame rate limit increased from 30 to 60 FPS.
  • Storyteller vendors can now offer most props and NPCs in larger quantities when purchased.
Bounty Hunter
  • Sniper shot no longer requires a prone position.
  • Pistol Launcher rocket trail particle density reduced.
  • Tusken Raiders from the Tusken King instance will now count towards 'Kill Tusken Raiders' and 'kill and loot Tusken Raiders' storyteller relics.
  • Greater Desert Womp rats should now count towards 'Kill any Womp Rats' and 'Kill and Loot any Womp Rats' Chronicle Relics.
  • Targets you cannot attack (such as same faction NPCs) will now display their health as a grey bar when targeted. You still cannot attack these NPCs, merely observe their health.
  • Added a checkbox on the character selection screen to hide characters screen on servers that are now closed.
  • Players may now equip as many cybernetic attachments as they wish. Now you can be the droid you're looking for!
  • The Allow Object Icon Rotation option now applies to toolbar icons and not just inventory/container item icons.
  • Export command now properly writes out font colors.
  • Players can now mark themselves as "Looking For Work" (either by using the command /lfw or checking the LFW option on the Character tab in the Community page). This tag is meant for players who wish to do commission based work or provide some type of service. You can search for players with this tag by using the community search tool.
  • No-Trade items can now be placed into containers inside a player's house or space POB.

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Re: GU 15: Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege

Post by AtiInc » Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:45 pm


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Re: GU 15: Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege

Post by Zbignew » Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:28 pm

Very impressive but ....... hard to believe they can do all this but still not fix the zillion little issues that have lasted for years, sad.

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Re: GU 15: Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege

Post by Zimoon » Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:33 pm

They are adding more to them ... with this gu 8)


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Re: GU 15: Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege

Post by Swedishoyster » Wed Jan 27, 2010 2:19 pm

Haha being an architect during battle phase was ridicolous, had those "barricade repair tools" thingies made and not ONE barricade was harmed enough to warrant a repair, the whole 30 min fight was me running around Bestine looking for any broken barricades, not a single token or anything for me, bah.

Why do SOE hate architects so much? Maybe I should just roll a ws, haven't tried that...
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Re: GU 15: Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege

Post by Actocross » Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:35 am

I've been using my Munitions trader for the crafting phase only, and the tokens are not great, but the GCW payout is amazing. I will have an officer trader very soon!

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Hotfix 15.1

Post by Zimoon » Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:22 am

Original thread

Star Wars Galaxies: Hotfix 15.1 -- January 20 (both US and Europe at 12 AM GMT)
  • City invasions now check to see if the general is alive and completes the invasion if the general has died, but did not notify the server.
  • A final communication from an Imperial or Rebel leader will congratulate faction and faction helper players that participated in a successful defense of a GCW city or killing the General.
  • Invasions will run concurrently in all three cities.
  • System messages for repairing or missing tools should not be sent on a menu request any longer for barricades and patrol objects. The system message now only displays after using the menu option.
  • Repair quests for barricades, turrets, and patrol points now require 10 repairs instead of 1 to complete. This reduces the spam of quest offer windows to allow faster repairing of invasion installations.
  • Patrol points can now be repaired.
  • Crafting tools no longer lose charges if an attempt to repair something fails due to the countdown timer already being displayed.
  • The GCW City Tutorial UI now has a button named "Get Nearest GCW City Waypoints" that will provide waypoints based on faction or mercenary status. Waypoints are issued if the player is within the city limits of a conflict city during construction and combat phases.
  • Entertainer - During the combat phase the General will give entertainers both the Rally and the cure Fatigue quest when asked.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow a smuggler to reset parts of the slicing minigame by stopping and restarting the dialog.
  • The Planet Map window title now contains the GCW planetary score.
  • Factional presence will not be granted if you are swimming (or if mounted, your vehicle/mount is on/above water).
  • Added crafting stations to the offensive camps in place of the junk dealers.
  • A "GCW Personal Contribution" radial menu has been added to the war terminal/intel pad that will display a breakdown of the various GCW regions/categories to which you have contributed over the past 30 days.
  • GCW Battle Worn Rebel Battle Utility Belt fixed for GCW rewards.
  • GCW score on nearby planets is affected by space earned GCW points.
User Interface
  1. Score values for the History Graph tooltips are now correct (they were previously reversed).
  2. After years of dedicated research from the far ends of the Galaxy, several experiments on various species of 'volunteers', and consultation with the Emperor himself; the Imperial Galactic Science Board has released the following amendment: the Galaxies Winner Icon and your Galaxy Winner Icon on the GCW Info screen no longer make sounds, or highlight, when you click on them.
  3. The GCW Categories on both the GCW Information screen and the Planet Map are now alphabetized.
  4. Being within range of a GCW city during a conflict, when an announcement is sent to all players within range, will provide the player with a one time popup user interface that provides details on how to participate in the invasion or defense of the city.
  5. Players can access city conflict hints by using the slash command /gcwSkirmishCityHelp or use the GCW City Help Icon in their command browser.
  6. Rebel and Imperial Helpers (mercenaries) will receive Rebel or Imperial announcements instead of neutral announcements.

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Re: GU 15: Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege

Post by Zimoon » Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:00 am

Original thread

Friday, January 29, both US and European servers at 12 AM GMT
Star Wars Galaxies: Hotfix 15.2

  • Offensive and defensive patrol pylons are working again.

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Hotfix 15.3

Post by Zimoon » Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:36 am

Original thread

Tuesday, February 2, 12:00 GMT (both US and European servers)
Star Wars Galaxies: Hotfix 15.3

  • Killing AT-XT's should now correctly increase the associated collection
  • All supply terminals now require you to be combatant or Special Forces to use them
  • All supply terminals will now require traders to be level 46 or higher to get the GCW crafting materials
  • All supply terminals should prevent you from resetting the slicing combination during the slicing mission.... Stop slicing the slicing mini-game!!
  • The slicing terminal collection will now be increased when you slice the 6th tier in addition to the 10th tier.
  • GCW Invasion Camp Sentries should no longer warp to an enemy.
  • The Construct AT-AT collection can now be advanced and completed.
  • The Rebel Rally quest will now give out the correct amount of tokens when completed.
  • If a GCW city region flips to the opposing faction during the city occupation phase, the planet map will show the new faction as occupying the city, not the old faction.
  • Tactical Binoculars added to GCW invasion vendors for 1000 tokens.
  • Imperial and Rebel GCW tokens can now be stored and used from your token box.
  • Wounded NPCs should no longer say things in spatial.
  • The amount of Tokens awarded at the end of a GCW City battle are now stated in a system message.
User Interface
  • The Region score values on the Planet Map and GCW Planet Tabs should be much easier to read now.
  • Selecting a different Galaxy in the Galactic Civil War Info page will now show the correct scores on pages besides the summary page (previously planet specific pages were always showing your galaxy's score).
  • Capes will no longer occupy the chest slot in addition to the back slot. They will only use the back slot.
  • Charric Carbine should have its own unique bolts and muzzle flash.
  • Charric Carbine should have its own unique sound when fired.
  • Pulse Cannon no longer gives code string when attempting to use the weapon in excess of 64 meters.
  • Pulse Cannon has blue particle effects instead of red.

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Re: GU 15: Galactic Civil War: Forces Under Siege

Post by Zimoon » Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:44 am

Original thread

Hotfix 15.4, Tuesday, February 9, 12:00 GMT (both US and European servers)
Ewok Festival of Love 2010
  • The Ewok Festival of Love returns to the galaxy beginning February 9th! Be sure to visit host cities Tyrena of Corellia, Kaadara of Naboo, and the Southern Ewok Lake Village on Endor before March 2nd in order to take part in this year's Festival of Love.
  • Factional presence occurring outside of a GCW contested region will now contribute to the GCW score for the planet's "Uncontested Region" category, including the same aligned player city bonus if it happens in a part of the player city that is not part of a GCW contested region.
  • Invasion turrets should attack faction mercenaries.
  • Turrets attempting to attack an invalid combat target should remove them from their combat list (invulnerable GM's, for example).
  • Turrets should now consider a target's faction off its master, if the target has a master (pets and beasts).
  • Beasts can be killed by turrets.
  • Collection reward for killing the general is given to all participants within a 128 meter range of the general.
  • Removed No Trade Shared from all City Invasion GCW armor.
  • The Rebel Builder, Entertainer and Fighter collections should now give out Rebel tokens on completion.
  • GCW Turret repair quests should only be completed if a player is combatant or Special Forces.
  • All Battle Worn GCW Armor should be deconstructable.
  • GCW invasion repair quests now cause fatigue to decay properly at two minutes per tick.
  • Invasion turrets should no longer shoot familiars.
  • Medic revive quests for GCW invasions may no longer be performed while on leave.
  • Patrol NPC's with zero movement should no longer attempt to retreat after combat.
  • Generals were tethering with zero movement speed, which caused them to become invulnerable for a short period of time.
  • Defensive Generals have had their HP regeneration rate turned off.
User Interface
  • Region names are now displayed, along with the score percentage, on the GCW Info planet tabs.
  • The Invasion status of Bestine, Keren, and Dearic is displayed on the appropriate planet tabs (Tatooine, Naboo, and Talus) of the GCW Info screen.
  • You can now perform group invite and join while in combat.
  • All three bobbleheads (TK-555, Death Trooper, and Stormtrooper Squad Leader) can all now be "flicked" by anyone after being placed in your house.
  • Readded Elemental Bonus to Charric Carbine

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Hotfix 15.5

Post by Zimoon » Thu Feb 11, 2010 6:02 am

Original thread

Hotfix 15.5 Thursday, Febr 11, 12:00 GMT -- both US and Europe
  • If factional presence is currently occurring on the planet, the planetary map will display a "Galactic Civil War Factional Presence" node that displays the locations on the planet (to within a 500m x 500m grid) where factional presence is currently occurring. Happy hunting!!!
  • Factional presence is not granted if you are not visible on the overhead map and/or radar (like a Commando with mirror armor).
  • New GCW Darth Sidious 2 Handed Lightsabers should have the correct animations.
  • Trandoshan players can now properly equip Rebel Assault Chest Plate and Bicep GCW Battle Worn Armor.
  • Fixed issue with AOEs.
  • Flight of the Veteran (78 month vet reward): The stabilizers on this device have been recalibrated so that when placed in a building, its owner will now be able to pick it back up.
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Hotfix 15.6 - Important note regarding cybernetics and rever

Post by Zimoon » Wed Feb 24, 2010 10:20 am

Hotfix 15.6 - Important note regarding cybernetics and reverse engineering

In Game Update 12 - Engineering Trader, we made several enhancement to cybernetics. One goal was to make cybernetics have sockets and be usable as armor. Since the arms and legs occupied multiple slots on the player character, the call was made to allow them to have 2 sockets. This decision caused issues with the reverse engineering system. As a result we have decided to no longer allow any cybernetics to be reverse engineered. We are aware of the socket issues and will continue to look for ways to address player concerns and keep the game balanced and fun.
Original thread

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Hotfix 15.7

Post by Zimoon » Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:17 pm

Star Wars Galaxies: Hotfix 15.7

On Thursday, February 25th, 2010, at 4:00 AM PST all U.S. and European galaxies will be taken down for server maintenance and a Hotfix.

  • Rodians can now wear the GCW Rebel Battle Worn Assault Armor Gloves.
  • Trandoshans can now wear the GCW Rebel Battle Worn Assault Armor Gloves, but they are equiped invisible.
  • Chronicles XP doubled for weekend event.
  • Chronicles silver tokens doubled (for the Chronicler and the Questor) for weekend event.
  • Increased chance to earn gold tokens (for the Chronicler and the Questor) for weekend event.
  • GCW points doubled for weekend event..
  • GCW tokens from battlefields and invasions doubled for weekend event..
  • Beast XP doubled for weekend event.
  • XP doubled for weekend event.
  • During this event the fly text will not display the bonus amounts. You can tool tip over your experience bar to confirm you are getting the bonus.
  • Ric 920 speeder should now drive in water
Original thread

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Hotfix 15.8

Post by Zimoon » Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:48 am

Star Wars Galaxies: Hotfix 15.8

Servers are down Tuesday, March 2, 12:00 GMT, both US and UK

  • Thanks everyone for participating in the bonus weekend. We had a great turnout and look forward to doing it again!
EFOL 2010
  • The festivities have come to an end. Don't worry though; you'll get another chance next year to celebrate love with the Ewok.
  • Removed GCW spawns from Dantooine Northeast, Dathomir North, East and West.
Original thread


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