Add Newly Found Resources to the SWGCraft page

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Add Newly Found Resources to the SWGCraft page

Post by DrakeGaming »

I am sorry, I am terrible with forums, never can find what I want to know. Where to post questions about certain things, this was the best I could see.

Why am I NOT able to add new resources I find in-game to the SWGCraft "current resources" page? Says I am not allowed for some reason, asks me to login in (which I am). I logged back in this morning to the game after a server shut down, the resources for the planet I am on have changed, and have not yet be added to the SWGCraft page.....thought I'd add them since I've never been able to participate in such a thing.

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Re: Add Newly Found Resources to the SWGCraft page

Post by Savacc »

How are you logging in to the site? For best results log into I have trouble when I log into, it asks me to re-login every time I switch screens.

This is your first post. I do know that your first three posts must be approved before you get general posting privileges. I don't think that applies to updating resources. I'm pretty sure we let anyone update resources, no matter how many forum posts. The forum posting thing is really just an anti-spam feature. Spam is not an issue with updating resources. The many years I've been here, I only remember having to ban one person for false resource reporting.

Let me know if you are still having problems.
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