Are resources retrievable from Mustafar?

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Are resources retrievable from Mustafar?

Post by Cloggy »

I assume yes, since we get different resources spawning there, and pretty good ones too.
But is it even remotely practical to harvest minerals there? it seems to be a awfull place to survey and find a spot that are minable.
What are peoples experiences? do resources spawn in certain minable areas ?
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Re: Are resources retrievable from Mustafar?

Post by Zimoon »

You can harvest manually, and yes, it can be hostile but still doable. The evil spawns seldom move too much.

Mustafar resources are great since they have a quite high min-cap on the stats, see the caps section at this site: Hence you are almost guaranteed at least decent stats.

To make it worthwhile I suggest you do the resource scavenger collection. You need a pet, CL1 is enough. Take full expertize in harvesting. I will dig up and post a small guide in a few days as I see it is missing, there are some tricks to it.

Once you have hoarded some great resources by harvesters the need for these manually sampled resources becomes the less, but they will still surpass "regular" resources from time to time.

The community have asked for craftable, disposable means to avoid the AFK-sampling, yet no response from the Devs.

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