Me vs. Crafting - Round 36, My road to becoming a crafter

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Me vs. Crafting - Round 36, My road to becoming a crafter

Post by Dregs » Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:55 am

So, I'm at work, and swgcraft's forums is one of the few I can access relating to swg. So! I'm gonna post my story and my struggle to mentally become a crafter! You see, I classify players into different categories. Combatant types who only play the combat portion. Crafter types, who pays attention only to crafting. And the socializers or full time entertainers who rarely do any combat and some crafting.

I've always loved making things, and seeing other people find uses for it (uhh, in-game only). But the crafting game numbers always confuzzled my head and soon after I'd give up in frustration. I've tried to become a weaponsmith twice, armorsmith four times, a chef once, and a shipwright once. This over the past years since I started playing, the day the game came out. I was always good at making clothes though! hehe. Never did try Droid Engineer. Just always found droids to be dull.

Anyway, I started making +35's on my tailor. After I got the hang of that, I bought some cores and started making myself some armor for the +35's. But since I bought the cores, I couldn't really call it MY work. About this time the Tenebrous Edge came out, and my main has been a Spy since NGE. After asking others to make it for me, and them mistyping the name I requested, I thought to myself that I should just name the damn thing myself by making it myself.

So I started gathering information. I've learned a lot about crafting over the years of my attempts and failures to become a real crafter. But the resource number crunching always frustrated me to quit. Even though I knew enough about how to craft basic stuff, I had no idea the crafting profession had such humongous differences between each other! So I started gathering information, and I consolidated all my resources that I've acquired in my previous attempts, found some really good stuff. Most was grind/tailor quality. You all can imagine this is some very time consuming stuff to do, especially if you have 5 years worth of casualy acquired resources, with like quadrabajillion numbers that I have to look at. I was already getting frustrated, and I haven't even crafted a thing yet!

In walks Zimoon and drops off SWGAide at my door as well as a few tips. Now, I'm already at that all too familiar point where I'm about to walk away frustrated. And even as I'm uploading all my resources, I can just feel it, gnawing at the back of my mind, telling me to just stop and it's not worth all this work. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because I'm a little older now (24), or more experienced, or maybe because I got bored of combat from seeing all the respec Spies stealing my work in Restuss, or a combination of all that mentioned and more unmentioned. But I stuck with it, and uploaded ALL the resources I had. Well, almost all..... I left out most of the organics I had. Far too much unecessary work for something I'll never use :twisted: . har har.

After uploading all the resources, I was at a whole new level I've never been at. I've taken the first steps to overcome the 5year mental wall that always made me quit crafting in frustration. Largely thanks to SWGAide. The program forced me to really pay attention to the resource numbers and simplified the learning process by color coding the qualities while presenting me with an achievable goal, which is to get it all uploaded! (more achievable than, say, cap stuff! While still learning in-depth about resources)

Now suddenly, I start to understand a little bit more about when people are discussing resources. But I STILL don't know how to cap. But I've found it infinetely easier to play the resource shift game, and what to look for. After uploading all my resources into SWGAide, I realize how useful is. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the old swgcraft didn't color code the high %'s, so it was harder for me to understand.
So I bring out my old harvesters and dust them off, start collecting resources. Found a list of only the resources I'll need as a weaponsmith as well as which qualities is most important in each. Reconsoldiated all my resources again to give my weaponsmith all the good stuff. Heh, this time it's much easier. Looked through bazaar and found people selling good resources, but like 160 units at 16million credits or some rediculous price like that.

At this point, though it's tons easier than before, there's still a little frustration. And not being able to really be useful until I can cap things, which I figured out that it's going to be a loooong time, got me bored and back into that familiar danger zone of quitting. Focusing back to +35's, I respec'd my Officer to Droid Engineer to make myself weapon attachments. So now, on my 4 accounts, I have 1 crafter on 3 of those accounts, I can make myself an entire modded suit by myself! So, I've just started to overcome the biggest mental wall in my entire gaming of SWG, and all I'm doing is making +35's? If I spend too much time just gathering resources, I may forget the important fundamentals of crafting and resources.

I started gathering information for my Droid Engineer. Resources, etc, check my SWGAide, discovered that DE is almost similar to Tailor, where resource quality doesn't matter for the most part. Consolidated the quality resources I could use for DE (heh, it's getting so easy to do this), and gave him all the left over resources my Weaponsmith won't use. Made my first droid ever, a advanced protocol droid with just a crafting station in it, since I needed one. Boy was I proud! This is the first craftable thing I've ever made, completely on my own!!

I start to realize that though DE doesn't rely too much on resource quality, it's component reliance is heavy. So now I'm cranking out EMM's ang EGP?'s and droid brains and manipulator arms and droid sensors etc. Gathered/found/bought some resources and capped my harvesting modules, combat modules. First thing I've ever capped in the crafting world!! To think, I've never tried DE before this because I thought it would be boring. I've been a fool!

So now the story comes to the present. I've not sold a single droid yet, as all my components are still cooking. Come to think of it, I've not sold my 2 handmade droids yet either. But, I'm having a blast finally being able to make useful things! I'm nowhere near finished on my road to become a crafter, nor will the road ever stop. I'm always learning something new. I'm still paying attention to the resource shifts, so that one day I may start making quality weapons from scratch. But in the mean time, I'm a full-time DE, and my Spy/Jedi/Commando/BH/Ent/Medic are crying at my login screen, because they're only being logged on to place harvesters and storage houses and factories!

*forgot to mention*
I've frequently kept an Architect too, for furniture only. Before when I had only 1 crafter, I respec'd back and forth between Architect and Tailor. Now it remains Tailor, for the +35's, and have no Architect.

Did crafting become harder and more in-depth or is it just that I never understood real crafting before?

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Re: Me vs. Crafting - Round 36, My road to becoming a crafter

Post by Belisama » Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:50 pm

Dregs wrote:Did crafting become harder and more in-depth or is it just that I never understood real crafting before?
I think it's the second. But i guess you just had not the motivation to go into crafting before. ;)
Nice story ! :)

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Re: Me vs. Crafting - Round 36, My road to becoming a crafter

Post by Hurlobacca » Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:43 am

Congratulations on your exploration of the crafting professions. I can only speak to my experience as a Weaponsmith (now Munitions Trader) and Structures Trader. As you know by now, it's a completely different game from the combat side of things. Some of the trades (weapons, armor, chef) can take a long time to build up the resources to make really good stuff that everyone would want. Being a hardcore crafter can also be a solitary pursuit as tracking resources, surveying, moving harvesters, and crafting, etc. are not usually a group activity.

I've been back at munitions for eight months after three years away from the game and there are still quite a few things that have not spawned in sufficient quality over that time span. Some things, like the reactive gases, only average about 1 good spawn per year per type, and that's not to say that there wasn't three good spawns in a year followed by a three year drought. Patience is not just a virtue if you want to be a good crafter, it's a requirement. It sounds like you've already figured out that sometimes it's best to respec to another crafting profession that is less resource quality dependent, such as tailor or structures, while you improve your resource stocks.

The fact that it can take such a long time to gather the resources needed for some trades is the reason why very few people who make the journey ever really become very good crafters. But there is a payoff being a crafter and that is the satisfaction that you get from helping other players. I still get a kick from the excitement a player shows when I craft a weapon for them and it turns out even better than they had hoped. I also have to admit that getting tells after my return from players telling me they still had some of my weapons and seeing some of my weapons on vendors after being away for over three years was kind of fun.

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Re: Me vs. Crafting - Round 36, My road to becoming a crafter

Post by Dea » Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:42 pm

I love this thread. It makes me feel that I'm not alone! I've been a structures trader since I started, but actually if I didn't have my friend explain every step, I would have been discouraged long ago. I finally have a good structure trader, and a tailor I'm trying to learn to make more than just clothes. I wanted to try a munitions and/or DE toon, but I'm not willing to convert the other two, and starting once again from scratch sounded depressing. So I decided to suck it up and pay for a 2nd SWG account. So I have my new munitions girl on the same server as the other 2 traders, and using all the deeds and resources and factories already set up. I plan on building this one up legitimately (currently a level 25), not grinding up as structures and then respec'ing. I did that with the domestic trader due to frustration. But the munitions one, I want to build up by crafting munitions stuff. I'm already cheating a little by not having to worry about resources, I have so much already. And that new character can lay out more harverters with all those lovely free lots. :)

Basically my point is that I envy those that can grasp the concepts of all that math..LOL! And I think I may just be lazy. I've crafted the simple things that people want/need that don't involve alot of great resources or having buffs to make the thing, etc. And it leaves me open to learn these things in the future. +35's for example.

So it's nice to hear that, while alot of fun, being a trader doesn't come as easy to some of us! :wink:

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Re: Me vs. Crafting - Round 36, My road to becoming a crafter

Post by Dregs » Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:36 am

Haha. Thanks guys. So I'm now capping things and making alot of things, but quickly realized that DE is probably the most broken of all the professions available, lol. Only a handful of things made are useful and it's just half a profession!

My +35's sell real good though. Thinking of respeccing one of my other characters to structures to have a variety of things on my vendors!

And good to know I'm not alone! lol.


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