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* Starsider * - New to SWG

Post by Ibaum » Wed Jan 02, 2008 9:06 am

Hello everyone. I decided to join SWG, at least for a while, and decided to become a structures trader. I've been playing a little at a time for 2 weeks, and I'm having fun, but I'm lacking direction. I've gone to level 19, and have 2.5 mil credits from selling resources (mostly wind) and a life day gift package for another (rather than myself). I wouldn't have sold it but I don't really know anybody because harvesting takes me out into the wastes of Tatooine and I'm not a combateer so I can't really duel or join PvP or PvE. So I'm looking for suggestions on what to do next I suppose. I'd like to go into high end shipwright, and I need to read the FAQ and guide on this sight, but I thought I'd see if anyone had any advice, or knew of guilds, or whatever else. I'm on Starsider, and I'd love any advice you have.

- Ibaum
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Re: * Starsider* - New to SWG

Post by Zimoon » Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:39 am

I moved your post to galaxy specific since it is rather a call for guilds and friends at Starsider, no offense :)

I admire that you decided not to speed grind your character but level as you go. In fact, Structure traders can easily do that since almost anything they create for sale gives quite a lot of XP. Great work!

Not all guilds do only PvP or PvE, however, you want to find a guild with some active Traders and Entertainers. You may watch out for great malls as you travel and try to contact some trader in it, bu mail if none is there (look at the items for sale and read the Owner). Some are helpful and would happily accept you. Also look out for which cities have Research Center city specialization as that is a weak hint that traders have asked its Mayor for it.

In the end you also need combateer friends since
  • they bring home the junk loot Traders (but not Structure Traders) want for RE
  • Pilots bring home Space loot for Shipwright RE
  • They help you clearing out nasty lairs etc., so you can put down harvesters (or even visit them at times)
  • They can join in the hunting party for creature resources
Probably you want a combat toon in due time, to relax and chill out with when you've got enough of thinking and planning ;)

A big welcome to SWG and this fan site


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Re: * Starsider * - New to SWG

Post by Laidbacca » Wed Jan 02, 2008 5:09 pm

You've made a great start by selling resources, keep working at that and syphon of some to support your grind and also use the creds you make from sales to invest in your harvester fleet. Mastering your profession whilst financing it using other peoples creds from resource sales is the way to do it.
Working your way thru pilot will be a huge advantage to you if shippy is the way you want to go. As for making high end parts, that will take time, look to harvest only the best possible resources you can, if nothing good is available then mine it and sell it.
As for a guild, your servers forum should contain a list of active guilds, choose wisely here, getting a good guild could make or break this game for you. Make sure the guild you do opt to join can help support a crafter, make sure there city is a research city and check to see if they have an established shipwright. If there is then get talking to him/her, see if they could use an apprentice or a partner and if not then make sure there would be no problem if you where to start up selling stuff.
Lastly have fun, dedicated crafting isn't for everyone and if you find it too overwhelming even with help, then see if anything else takes your fancy. Also consider niche markets, being a shippy who makes everything is a huge task and there are very few who can carry it of successfully, crafting just missiles or chassis or maybe just parts can earn you a steady income without having to make anything else.

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Re: * Starsider * - New to SWG

Post by Savacc » Wed Jan 02, 2008 9:25 pm

Wow, two weeks and you have made two and a half million credits? It took me six months to earn my first million, but I started at launch and we are all poor back then. :lol:
Read Z's guide, read the FAQs I wrote and Laidbacca's article on what to make as a shipwright, and if you have more questions come back and ask. Welcome to the game and our forums. :wink:

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Re: * Starsider * - New to SWG

Post by Ibaum » Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:43 pm

Most of the money came from the Life Day Gift, but I've made an even million on selling resources and a couple of "daytrades" where I bought extremely low and sold for a reasonable rate (<1 credit per unit for 2.5 credits per unit).

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