Happy Birthday, Board!

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Happy Birthday, Board!

Post by Sobuno »

Two years have now passed since we opened this board for the very first time.

A lot has happened since then: About 202500 resources have been added by you, the users, of the SWGCraft Project. That's almost 300 new resources every single day. And the number is steadily rising; of the 202500 resources, 169500 have been added within the last year. We've also had a constant influx of new members: 2800 user registrations and activations within the last year, giving us a total of almost 4100 activated users.

The amount of new users could certainly be felt in late July/early August. After a couple of days of downtime in mid-July, the site crashed because of too many concurrent users in the end of July. This incident, while unfortunate, led us to upgrade the hardware the site is hosted on and thus hopefully eliminating the nasty "Too many connections" error forever.

Third party applications have become rather popular. Applications communicating with the site through SOAP, such as SWGAide, have accounted for more than half the resource-related actions the last few months. It is good to see other developers wanting to support the SWGCraft Project.

This year has mostly brought enhancements to existing functionaliy on the site, as the core features were already in place. The schematics section of the site has undergone the most work: A ton of schematics have been updated to reflect the current game and missing schematics have been added. So far, this work has only been done by a handfull of moderators, but we have just introduced a new group 'Schematic Maintainers' that is allowed to edit and add schematics. This should hopefully speed the work of making the schematics current up.

The site is still being actively developed and we have a few enhancements in the pipeline. But for now, let us raise our glasses and wish the SWGCraft Project a happy birthday!

-The SWGCraft Development Team

P.S. Various statistics can be found here (Excel 97-2003 format): Statistics 2009
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Re: Happy Birthday, Board!

Post by Imperial Outpost »

Many happy returns! :) Here's to many more birthdays!
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Re: Happy Birthday, Board!

Post by Zimoon »

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Re: Happy Birthday, Board!

Post by RebelDawg »

I came here on the bandwagon
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Re: Happy Birthday, Board!

Post by Tinsel »

Happy birthday SWGCraft!
Many thanks to the staff and the uploaders!
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Re: Happy Birthday, Board!

Post by Savacc »

Happy Birthday SWGCraft :D
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Re: Happy Birthday, Board!

Post by Zbignew »

A Very Happy Birthday SWGCraft and a tip of the pointy b'day hat to all the Developers :idea: and Mods :shock: who have put in the effort to make it work.

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Re: Happy Birthday, Board!

Post by Belisama »

Congrats SWGCraft Project :)
You manage to made a lot of people addicted to you ;)
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Re: Happy Birthday, Board!

Post by Pegasus2007 »

Happy Birthday to the Board!

and thank you very much to the Team behind it.

Keep on the good work
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Re: Happy Birthday, Board!

Post by Tyfo »

Thumbs up to everyone!
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Re: Happy Birthday, Board!

Post by Crellian »

Just returned from some extended travel to learn of this marvelous birthday event. Outstanding!

Though a new-comer and infrequent visitor, I continue to seek ways to make small contributions.

Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this site.

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Re: Happy Birthday, Board!

Post by Cerceuil »

while I know it has been several months....i have to say that you guys took the reigns and have, imho, surpassed that which we all met, laughed, cried, screamed, learned about dumpster kids, & became online fanatics with...

great job.
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Re: Happy Birthday, Board!

Post by Ersa Litros »

Happy Birthday!!

Many thx for the awesome job you made so far:]]
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