Trader SWG now part of the SWGCraft Project

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Trader SWG now part of the SWGCraft Project

Post by Sobuno »

The third party tool Trader SWG, created by Imperial Outpost, is now hosted at our site.

As he has stopped playing SWG, Imperial Outpost has decided that he does not want to maintain the tool anymore. Realising it is an unique tool in the world of crafting, he contacted me last week and asked if the SWGCraft Project wanted to take over the tool. Always eager to add new features to the site, I accepted and have since set up a subdomain for Trader SWG to reside at for now. It should become more and more integrated with the main SWGCraft Project gradually. So far, the only integration is the shared user database between the two sites, but resources, schematics etc. are all possibilities for the future.

Go check out Trader SWG at and report any bugs you find.
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Re: Trader SWG now part of the SWGCraft Project

Post by Zimoon »

Applause and cheers and biggest possible greetings to ImperialOutpost :)

I wish him luck at his current endeavors and whenever he comes back he are more than welcome :mrgreen:

This is a huge leap forward for SWGCraft, something that truly adds to the site's powerful feature set and attraction on the crafting community. I guess quite a bunch of my fears and anxiety melts away with this step, so .....
/kowtow ImperialOutpost
/kowtow Sobuno

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Re: Trader SWG now part of the SWGCraft Project

Post by Swedishoyster »

When registering on the site, the password doesnt work and when trying it out as guest, I get database errors...

nvm it works now :-)

this tool is very handy, it makes most of my excel spreadsheets obsolete
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