Armor Attachment Stat Limitations?

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Armor Attachment Stat Limitations?

Post by thrawn856 »

First, let me thank all of the developers and contributors to this site. You all rock :mrgreen: for sharing your expertise and insight!! I actually understand how to RE now... lol! Now, my question. I read on the swg.wikia website that stats associated with crafted armor with SEAs do not stack when it comes to actual combat roll utilization and that there is a cap for everything except for luck. I am concerned and a bit confused about this being true and I'm uncertain about how to proceed with production of my SEAs. Let me quote the source of my ire from wikia:

* Q. Whats the cap on SEA's ? (skill enhancing attachments)

A. The cap on any mod is +35 to you base statistic (gained from skills) For example, if you have +80 melee defence from skills you can boost this to +105 with an additional +35 from attachments.

I chose this skills as you can also get bio-engineered clothing which enhances this skill. The important thing here is that the values are combined in order to reach the cap (+35 remember) so if you have a bio-engineered shirt with +17 melee and +17 ranged defence then to hit he cap for melee defence you only need an additional +8 in clothing attachments.

Also to mention at this point is that the display on ctrl+c is BROKEN and +64 melee and ranged suits DO NOT ADD +64 to the skills as the cap is +35 (confirmed by the devs numerious times however it seems they have a difficulty in making the character display understand this)

This means for those that get the ability to have multiple pieces of clothing wth bio engineered mods should bare it in mind. A TKM would be much better served with 2 pieces of clothing with +13 melee and ranged def (to reach cap on these 2 mods as it will give +26 to both, 1 over the cap) along with an item with unarmed damage and terrain negitiation in and also an item with healing effeciency or augmentation effeciency and buffing effeciency if they are doc as well as a bit of medic. This will greatly reduce the amount of money you need to spend on tapes to get a reeally nice character set up.

If this is true, then it makes absolutely no sense to make triple stat SEAs if I have a armor suit with up to 8 attachment points. I'd like to think that if I add +35 con to three different pieces that the stat would stack, and my character would receive the corresponding +105 health bonus, but apparently this is not the case, at least as described above. I can't seem to find anything definitive about this issue on the swg message boards, so could anyone confirm or deny this type of stat cap? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Armor Attachment Stat Limitations?

Post by Zimoon »

What you have quoted seems to be old and invalid. A few examples:

There was an old limit to SEAs of 25 (it reads 35 but the sum is 80 + x = 105 => 25).

Most Bio-Engineered items are no more valid, I believe only Camouflage and possibly some more is valid. The numbers for this paragraph is frem pre-NGE.

TKM (Teras Kasi) is no longer a profession. But they had awesome animations ;)

It is not mentioned in the quoted text but a counter-example would be Assembly. The magic number is 160 which almost guarantees a socket. 160 would be impossible with a cap of 25.

I would actually delete these paragraphs from the Wikia as invalid.

And welcome about, great with newcomers, and I agree, the devs have made an awesome job here :D

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Re: Armor Attachment Stat Limitations?

Post by thegreywolfe »

The best spot to look at is in the reverse engineering section of the forums here. You can only do 1 of each stat when making your SEA
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Re: Armor Attachment Stat Limitations?

Post by Savacc »

I dont know how long you have been playing Thrawn, but this game has gone through huge revisions over its five year history. What you are quoting sounds like it might have applied to the old SEA system from the CU era for the game. We now live in the NGE era, and the RE system with new ways to make and apply SEAs is only a few months old. SWGWikia is a site that has existed since the beginning of this game and unfortunately much of it can be out of date and no longer valid. This site is now just over a year old, and the successor of a site that started with the game. You can trust this site to have the latest info (along with the "official" forums).

The only stat cap we have found in the new RE system seems to be experimentation. It still seems to be capped at +25 for SEAs.

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