Advanced Assault Armor Core question

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Advanced Assault Armor Core question

Post by Zanex »

To make an advanced armor core, you need three segments that need NOT be identical.

I've made 6 identical segments with +15 health (from rancor hides)

I'm going to make 10 identical segments with +6 health (from rancor hides)

The problem is, Three identical (+15) segments used to make a core=1 core with +15 health, three identical +15 cores =+15 health. As far as I know....

So, if I make a core schematic using (1) +15 health, (1) +6 health, and (1) non-statted segment. I will get a health +21 Core...

If I want to make a +21 health chestpiece I will need to burn up 3 of these cores...?

So I might be better off using these +21 health cores in biceps, wrists, etc (1 core used) first and see what I have left over....that about right?

Also <sigh>

Zimoon, what's the best way to submit schematics to you?

I believe I have a few weapon schematics we're missing, and I know there is no Marrauder assault or recon armor listed?

Thank you
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Re: Advanced Assault Armor Core question

Post by Kirneh »

The time I made health cores with old parts, I used 3 different sets, like 7 x +15, 9 x +10, 7 x +15. I made the equal ammount of segments with the stats.

So with above example, I get 3 set of 7 segments each. Now you use 1 of each set at the core and start the factory run. This way, you get 6 identical cores, enough for 2 chest pieces.

Unfortunately, you will lose some of the precious health enhancers during the process, but that is the most effective way to get identical cores.

But you are right, the best is to use them in bracers and biceps, as they only need 1 core and you can hand-craft that one.
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