Beginner need help with armor

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Beginner need help with armor

Post by Penfolde »

Hi all :P

I just got the abillity to make armour but i'm alittle stuck.

I was very carefully when trying to craft armor and kept a list of wot componts i places in to the armor segments and i made three segments out of the same materials but, when i came to make an armor core the crafting machine would not let me accept the three segments I had made.
Have i gone about this the wrong way :?:
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Re: Beginner need help with armor

Post by atox »

are you sure you matched the segments correctly? battle segment to battle core assault segment to assault core etc? i know ive made that mistake on a factory run. :oops:
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Re: Beginner need help with armor

Post by Savacc »

In this game "identical" means you must make the items in a factory from the same factory schematic. Three items made by hand, even using the exact same resources, will not satisfy the requirement for three "identical" items from a factory.
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Re: Beginner need help with armor

Post by Zimoon »

Welcome around Penfolde, good to see you here :D

I believe Savacc nailed your issue. Dare I advise you to read the Beginners Guide for Traders in the General Crafting forum; if you are new to crafting there are lots to read, if you rather is a skilled crafter it never hurts brushing up the skills every now and then ;)


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