Few questions for you experienced AS

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Few questions for you experienced AS

Post by todc »

Please help this returning VET

Cap on Recon is 8200e/3800k/6000 base
for some reason i get 8166e/3834k/6000 base why do i get the E and K numbers switched? its the same with primus.

I have been away for a while so can someone tell me what special ingredients still work in the segments and cores? I know rancor hides added health is there anything that still works?
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Re: Few questions for you experienced AS

Post by MoonDragn »

Dunno if you ever found your answer cause this is 1 month old, but cap for Recon armor without Layers is 7000 Energy 5000 Kinetic and 6000 Elements.

You are obviously using a layer to boost up energy at the expense of Kinetic with less than perfect energy layers: +1166 Energy, -1166 Kinetic, giving you 8166e and 3844k.

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