Capped Resources

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Capped Resources

Post by Laxx »

Hello There Everyone, Im new to swgcraft and I have just a couple questions.
I'm starting to get into weapon crafting and armor crafting but I want my products to be the best.
To do this I want to use the best resources the game has to offer, so to make this easier lets say I have an unlimited amount of 30k vet resource deeds so i can get ANY resource ingame and anything else. Does anyone on this forum have a almost complete list of like the resource names that have a Resource Quality of 90-100?? That's all I need, Thank you.
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Re: Capped Resources

Post by Zimoon »

What you ask for is easily obtained at the page Find Resources. Use the "Experimental Percentages" for the stats of interest, each resource class by itself.

Would you, from the resource crates, find that a resource is missing in this database, add it as an "old resource" please. Remember that this site is user driven and is no better than what you and your fellows make it to be :)

Remember that what you ask for is not values in the range 900+ but values that after being adjusted for caps are in that range, which is another animal ;)
Furthermore, it is the final "weighed average result" that counts, not always the individual stats.

More on power crafting in the Beginners Guide for Trader, chapter 8.

Welcome around and we hope to see more of you :mrgreen:


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