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Armorsmith's Little Helper

Post by Papillion »

Copy of Umma Gumma's excellent Armorsmith's little helper

Armorsmith's Little Helper

Virtual Armorsmith is OK, but it lacks precision and some functionality (i.e. you can't play with various layer combinations). This is my version of AS helper tool, and I hope you'll find it useful.

All feedback is more than welcome

NB: Attachment is out again! You can download new AS Little Helper from here: ...

Edit: Major update - post CU version available. Read message #114 in this thread for further info
Edit: Another big update. More info in message #116
Edit: v1.31: Minor update...
Edit: v1.4: Several issues with resource stats retrieval macro corrected
Edit: v1.5: Another issue with stats retrieval mocro corrected
Umma Gumma, Eclipse galaxy

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