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No stats vs. with stats

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2007 1:50 pm
by Zimoon
Please read this post before you start arguing "there are several resources that are reported but without stats".

There are two important reasons why to report a new resource as soon as possible, even if no stats are available at the time:
  1. The TIME of reporting*. For many surveyors it is important to know when the resources was first seen. Valuable time is wasted if anyone hesitates submitting the fresh spawn without stats.
  2. The RESOURCE CLASS itself. Many crafters constantly survey for particular resources classes, especially for the rare classes. Any notice of a new spawn is essential and crafters know how to find the stats and they can complement the entry.
Whenever anyone decides against reporting a new resource without the stats he makes an available resource invisible to this community. Anybody can update a resource with stats at a later time.

Our community should rather be very grateful to all those players who spend of their time and assets to help you and me. These heroes use up numerous survey devices and survey droids a week; remember that the survey tools are disposed along with the droid when it is finished.

Sometimes we accidentally discover a new spawn while surveying for some resource class. However, at that time we cannot sample that resource, perhaps the survey tool displays the new spawn but the local concentration is zero or very low and impossible to sample without considerable effort.

Hence, whatever the reason for an incomplete entry, rather than to whine you could obtain the missing stats and complement the entry.

* I prefer to say "time of reporting" since nobody knows the exact date for when a resource spawned. Picky? Yes!