Incorrect Submission Needs Edited

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Incorrect Submission Needs Edited

Post by Exsilium »

I accidently submitted Yroibee as Tatooinian Domesticated Milk on Tatooine/Bria when it should have been Dantoonian Domesticated Milk on Dantooine/Bria. I think marked the resource as depleted thinking I could re-add it... that ditn work.

So.. Yroibee needs to be removed from where its being stored please.

The followign is the correct data:

Bria - Dantooine - Yroibee - Dantooinian Domesticated Milk - DR961 FL641 PE692 OQ907
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Re: Incorrect Submission Needs Edited

Post by Zimoon »

I have removed Yroibee from Bria, please submit the resource again.

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Re: Incorrect Submission Needs Edited

Post by Savacc »

welcome to our forums Exsilium. :D

Just an FYI for you and anyone else reading this who might make this mistake in the future, please click "Remove" on the far right after your name and start over. Do not click "Unavailable". If you do click "Unavailable", leave a post like Exsilium did, and we will fix it. Thanks :D
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