I suggest you make better names for Forums for professions

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I suggest you make better names for Forums for professions

Post by Darya_Sunwalker »


Trader Structures
Trader Engineer
Trader Munitions

The problem with swgcraft was the forums were all based on pre nge professions they didn't change when galaxies changed.
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I disagree. They are still marked as what profession they fall under but they are are also separated into specialization which I think helps reduce clutter and keeps things better organized.

You need shipwright info? its in the shipwright section. DE? DE section. Ect.

This way things can be kept neater and easier to find without having to dig through another specialization's info you may or may not be interested in.
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Post by Kejo »

In my humble opinion I would agree with Jamys on that point, even though SOE has them clustered in high level groups, Its easier to located topic specific post and ask questions if they are broken down my specialties.

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Post by Ivoro »

I agree with Jamys also. Many traders also concentrate on one tier of their profession so it would be much easier and faster to find what they search for. There could be some sort of subtitle indication which overall prof is meant like:

Droid Engineer (Trader Engineer)

This way also beginner traders or resource suppliers would find their way. 8)
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