are robes and waistpack obsolete for crafting sabers now?

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are robes and waistpack obsolete for crafting sabers now?

Post by DeathTrooper »

I am considering a "saber crafting suit" for my dusty old Jedi. When I started SWG, the Jedi Master Robe and collection Waistpack were "the thing" for Jedi because of the stats, and the "combo" was cherished for many reasons including the bonuses to saber crafting. Since Jedi have been wearing armor for a while now, and I can get +21 Experimentation, +33 Assembly, +350 Luck for Saber Crafting, is there any real advantage to the robes and belt for this purpose? I don't have the Master Robes or the WP, only a Knight Robe, and it says the "2 piece combo" only grants "+5 Saber Experimentation" so by my math that combo would get me a max of +19 Experimentation with a +7 WA and +7 SA, or 1 extra point. Do Master Robes grant a higher bonus, or will sabers made with my "suit" be at least as good as ones made with the Master Robe/WP combo?

Also, is there a reason I use the WDG Station for crafting sabers but I can't use a WDG droid? I don't plan on making a lot of sabers, but it seems odd that the Saber Crafting Tool is the only one to distinguish between the stations and the droids.
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Re: are robes and waistpack obsolete for crafting sabers now

Post by NightCrawler »

I would like an answer for this all... Im a returning Elder Jedi, i just completed my jedi robes collection, so i have both the master robes, + i got the edler robe, with the WP. Im looking to craft my first 5th gen saber. as of now ive been using my 4th gen saber... actually i tried making a 5th gen, with supplies i bought for 450k, said it was capped material for the saber i was building, i made it, but the dps was lower... i also never had a chance to experiment on the saber... i was in my house, with all the different crafting stations around all at +45

What am i doing wrong?

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Re: are robes and waistpack obsolete for crafting sabers now

Post by HydroTek »

Due to the high cost of capped saber resources, I have not had many saber crafting experiences. I have found that a saber crafting tool is needed, and you need to stand close to the WDG station (click on the station to start crafting)

Resource quality needs to be as close to 1000 as is possible, as a Jedi has low crafting abilities.

450k sounds low for capped resources least on BloodFin server, tho each server has a unique economy :)

With all that said, I was able to craft a 5th gen to 98% ...I was using HQ resources and a crafting suit with PUP's.
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