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Starsider: lookin for a LIVING traders guild

Posted: Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:30 am
by mckenziebrother
hi there
i joined an RP guild that have cool ppl... but as i'm only a resource collecter not able to RP correctly i feel pretty useless...
and they use vocal so most of the time the guildchat is dead (i'm not english native, since 6 years i'm on swg i'm good with a keyboard, but cant understand half of what ppl says, and cant talk either as i'm not trained ><)
at worse i can bypass the guildchat thing, but at least i'd like to feel useful to someone lol
i can provide mustafar hand sample spots, good spots for harvesters on other planets, as i'm focused on radioactive i can also provide radioactive for decent price (thinking to 2cpu for a 1000PE radioactive, unless it have a decent OQ over 900 :p)
oh, i have a flaw: i talk a lot lol (let's say that way the guildchat would be alive then xD)

Re: Starsider: lookin for a LIVING traders guild

Posted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 3:32 pm
by sailorzeo
On Starsider, there's Harmonious Creations. We _were_ living, and we're trying to come back to life. Contact Ieroliria or Ponama in-game if you're interested. :) Or, you can always add the HRMNY chat channel. Ponama created it to be a place for traders to talk. Again, we're trying to resurrect ourselves.