Leaving Bloodfin

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Leaving Bloodfin

Post by Nautillus »

Hydrotek old buddy, looks like the 'fin updates will be mostly yours. Finally got bored loggimg into see no one and decided to move to SS. I'll still have a couple of toons on there, but am moving my heavy hitters. If you need anything moved to SS hit Nautillus (leaving tomorrow around 4pm est), Kinb (leaving next week sometime), or Mannaray (leaving in approx 90 days if at all)

Icthys Max, Shipwright - Starsider
Nautillus, Weaponsmith - Starsider
Mannaray, Droids - Bloodfin
Willum Hammersmith, Structures - Chimaera
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Re: Leaving Bloodfin

Post by Zimoon »

And when you are sick of lag and foul language at SS you are welcome to Chimaera :lol: :P
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Re: Leaving Bloodfin

Post by HydroTek »

Talked (ingame chat) to Nautillus at length about his move, sure gonna miss his contribution to Bloodfin. I was trying to remember how we first met ...but my brain is fuzzy :roll: I think it was on Mustafar, while gathering some resource or other ...memories of good times and friendships are what makes this game special.

If it's stuck :x ...force it ...if it breaks, :shock: you needed a new one anyway :)
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