Leaving SWG

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Ersa Litros
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Leaving SWG

Post by Ersa Litros »

I am leaving SWG and just wanted to say bye to all.

I will not updating anymore Farstar but Ziso and Tharek will continue the excellent work they do, so the loss will be minimum:]

Many thanks to all the people that made this site possible for me. Was a great help all this years.

Have fun all and happy gameplay:]]

Ersa :D
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Re: Leaving SWG

Post by Savacc »

Sorry to hear of anyone leaving the game. However you are welcome to continue to post here. You do not need to be playing to participate on our forums. :D
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Re: Leaving SWG

Post by Sobuno »

Savacc wrote:You do not need to be playing to participate on our forums. :D
I am an excellent example of this :P
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Re: Leaving SWG

Post by Zimoon »

Take care mate, you will be back, believe me ... the question is when, not if :mrgreen:
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