Help regarding accounts

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Help regarding accounts

Post by GrimmCanRage »

hi all

sori to bog down the crafting site with this but all the other sites for swg i could find are low population so no quick response to this...and not being a current subscriber i cant post on soe forums either..

now my question is...

is there a way to find out what toons i had on my acc?

i ask as im going to resub after a 1 1/2 year break but cant remember which acc had which toons on (i had a main combat acc and a support alt acc)

ive got a general guess as to which one it is but i want to be able to confirm it without having to risk the gamecard (or station access...whichever i decide on)

i remember most of the info for my toons..(3 out of 4 names, approx lvls of 2 of them, where they had houses planted and the prof of 2 of them)

cheers for any info

and hopefully i can get back to the crafting soon :D
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Re: Help regarding accounts

Post by Zbignew »

Welcome back GrimmCanRage,
If you are playing on the same computer, all your accounts and toons are stored in the 'profiles' folder. It is located in the 'program files' folder as a subfolder under 'SWG' it should look something like this:
C:\Program Files\StarWarsGalaxies\profiles.
If not you will most likely have to work through SOE customer service. Good Luck.

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Re: Help regarding accounts

Post by Zimoon »

What Zbig said is correct if you have done a /mailsave in game, otherwise not; there are other files in the account folder that tells the names by inspection. However, in the base folder for SWG there is one file per account that is named "characterlist_accountname.txt" and it reads galaxy+character line by line.

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