Culsion Inert Gas ShadowFire

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Culsion Inert Gas ShadowFire

Post by t1401hm »

When Shadowfire has culsion gas again, that is when I'll play again. I'm sick of getting my arse handed to me while using my POS second gen lightsaber.
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Re: Culsion Inert Gas ShadowFire

Post by Savacc »

My guess is that 30k resource kits are used on Culsion Gas more then any other single resource.

Culsion Gas spawns are going to average one every 3 months or so, but just a bit of bad luck could see it not spawn in a year or more.
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Re: Culsion Inert Gas ShadowFire

Post by Zimoon »

Yeah, I believe so too.

However, if you can afford it many of these 30k-poppers also sell Culsion at Vendors or at the Bazaar, but expect maybe 1000 credits a unit, if that is enough?? Conclusion, buying what you need may be cheaper than popping a 30k crate that you can use or sell for about 20 mill (differs at galaxies).

If you are into crafting a crate is very much more useful as an everyday "resource sampling device" as is described in ... =17&t=1812 at the bottom of the first post.

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