Structure Trader from Ahazi

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Structure Trader from Ahazi

Post by Dago »

Thanks for taking the initiative to work on a new (replacement) site for

I look forward to assisting with updating schematics and resources and verifying everything is working correctly once it's online.

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Post by Slyvampy »

Fantastic Dago,

All help is appricated, we really need to foucus to get this working 100%, and with your thoughts, comments and suggestions that will help alot.
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Post by baccana »

My suggestion would be to have the entire database of resources downloadable and also once a week back it up to the download. That way this situation we were faced with never happens again
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Post by wzydhek »

Glad to see others taking an interest and that we Traders/Crafters are not TOTALLY a dying breed.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.. I've already posted a new topic in development and send a Schematic datafile to the siteops. I have all the Profession level schematic data in an xml file. This is all NGE profession and schematic data. (Spent 3+ weeks updating an old file with all up-to-date data).

I also have a good amount of programming experience, although more in the and CSharp areas as well as a great amount of SQL experience (along the lines of MSSQL and MySQL).
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