Well hello thar!

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Well hello thar!

Post by Byke »

/tap mic
This thing on?

How is everyone?

Does anyone remember me? :shock:
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Re: Well hello thar!

Post by Zimoon »

I remember a Byke from the old site, and he also had problems with his mic 8)

How are you? And welcome around :mrgreen:

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Re: Well hello thar!

Post by Savacc »

Hey Byke,
Trying to recall which college you were playing for. Seems like the last I heard you were redshirting your freshman year. That has to be two seasons ago?

Do you still play SWG? Ever play PotBS?
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Re: Well hello thar!

Post by fridge33sam »

Welcome back, I don't remember you, but then again, I'm fairly new as well!
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