Can't log into sony forums

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Can't log into sony forums

Post by mysterymantis »

So I can log in, but it won't give me access to the forums. I'm guessing because I don't have an active account atm.

What a spit in the face, on top of all the other spit. SWG will likely go down as the game that crapped on it's user base the most.

The dumbest part of it all is that it's not even closing down from being a total failure on the business model. It's because of some kind of marketing politics. A lot of people are going, "Oh, we totally knew this was coming." This is not what people knew was coming. People all assumed that the NGE killed SWG, and as a result of that, it would eventually shut down. People assumed that a game as old as SWG would just likely be coming to an end. People assumed that lack of new members would cause this to happen, especially in the face of a new MMO that is also based on star wars. SWG being shut down because the license ran out and was not renewed was NOT what people saw as the end for this game, and in no way affirms any of the aforementioned assumptions.

In any case, I'm still angry, and I don't know if I will ever fill the void in my life now. Maybe I just need a GF or something.

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Re: Can't log into sony forums

Post by Savacc »

mysterymantis wrote:Maybe I just need a GF.
I have been trying out this option, should have done it sooner. :D
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