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Item management

Post by hgamuciello »

So I was curious how you all organize your resources and labs. Having all four traders does havoc to my inventory. Also I have it set up right now that I have four cabnets labeled ore/alum steel/iron/copper hide/meat/bone chemical/radioactive/flora. But I would like to organize this a little better towards each individual crafter any suggestions
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Re: Item management

Post by Zimoon »

Personally I have two structures for resources, both small tatooine with storage enhancers. One is for organics + bulk(misc) and the other for inorganics. Then there are other houses for RE-hoarding, and yoda knows what.


PS: it takes a number of accounts but I have some of them rotating, 4 accounts rotates one month at a time, and 2 are always active 8)

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Re: Item management

Post by DeathTrooper »

For my main trader I have 1 small Naboo house with a few housing collections added. I have crafting stations for clothing, weapons, and ships, and I keep the resources for each in the station. I have a couple chests for resources I pulled from stations due to low quality, and for very small amounts of certain very good resources. I think my WS station has about 83 different resources in it, but I can craft about any weapon in the game with what's there.
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Re: Item management

Post by HydroTek »

Personally, I have two accounts, with DE and a combat and AS/WS and a combat. I have a medium Naboo house for each, with housing improvements on both. As it stands now, I use a vendor on my DE for all metals, ore, and chemicals ..The AS/WS uses a vendor to hold all organics. The vendors are set to private and all resources are priced to 99999999. The "really special" resources (34 currently) are kept in a pack.

The house takes 3 lots, leaving me with room for 2 elite harvesters, plus one factory per crafter. The combat toons each have a large tower (5 lots) house with improvements, to hold all my decorations and displays. :) I use their lots for one elite and two heavy harvesters, and to provide support when setting harvesters in dangerous places.

I also use crafting and storage droids on each toon, for crafting in the field, and for the city gcw battles.

I use Zimoon's app to keep track of my resource inventory, and to show me what (quality) I need to pull for crafting needs.

Lastly, SWGCraft makes my old spreadsheet method obsolete, and crafting much more fun than it used to be = more play time and less time spent searching for resources.
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Re: Item management

Post by hgamuciello »

I got three accounts and Been in game for 5 years but only took up crafting 6 months ago and only really started learning to craft the past month. Thank you for swg aide it has been a huge help lately and I still have to learn a lot about how resources balance each other out. The past 6 months I was just harvesting anything with a oq of 960 or better even if oq was the only good stat. I wanna focus on learning my ws/as but these appear to be the most demanding in resource quality and I realize I will be at minimum another 6 months getting good enough resources to even start attempting to do this. I uploaded the resource guards that were in the individual trader forums but I wasn't sure if these were up to date with the game updates. If not any changes to these that u can let me kno would be great. As of last week I am just harvesting everything on the guards lists. Thanks for the help I am gonna try the vendor routine to make searching easy thanks agin
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Re: Item management

Post by Swedishoyster »

I have a medium Corellia house as my main crafting building, filled with backpacks for Ore, Steel, Aluminum, Copper etc. Maxed storage increase to 1100 still make it quite full and I have another house for my AS and Tailor with backpacks of "cappable" sets like Battle Segment, Battle Core, RIS, Primus etc
A third house is my RE-house and my forth house the BM-house.
My fighter/ent toons use my static slots (4xhouses and 14xfactories) leaving my trader toons with 10 open slots for harvesters. I have a trader on each account and fighter/ent on 2nd slot.

I used to have a vendor to store stuff but after my last break I lost stuff worth several 100 millions that way so I'm a bit reluctant to do that :-)

Like Zimoon I switch out 2 of my 6 accounts to save money.

For dangerous harvest places on darthomir etc I usually clear it with my combat toons then use the Cloud Car to quickly get my traders there, it's by far the best use of it I've found so far.
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Re: Item management

Post by Bulba »

Heres what I do as a Shipwright.

On my active account:
1 hangar with 1150 space containing all my resources, subcomponents and vendors.
1 diner that I havent really done anything with.

On my inactive acccount:
12 Equipment factories - 1200 temp space
4 Struct factories - 400 temp space
1 medium house with 900 space containing space loot.

In the hangar I put all the 1m unit stacks of resources to one side, just arranged loosely by type. The less than 1m unit stacks (ones that im using), go into one of 5 containers:

Ferrous - Iron and Steel
Non Ferrous - Alum and Copper
Chem & Gas
Mineral - Ores and Radioactives

Then to organise the subcomponents, I have one chest for partially used crates and the full crates I put into the station hopper.

That works pretty well for me overall. I only ever have the 4 resources and a crate of subs in my inventory for each item I'm making. That cuts down on mistakes a LOT :)

With the new vendor filtering options I'm very tempted to put everything on a storage vendor. It would make it much easier to find specific things. But the risk is too high, I've lost too much stuff in the past. No matter how careful you are, something will go wrong.
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Re: Item management

Post by AtiInc »

I have a small house with all storage increases holding my resources, need to move on to a new one soon though :P

Then I have various bags in my inv for the resources I use often.

And 5 storage droids with 30 each, so an extra 150 storage on me personally.

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