Diner Crafting Stations?

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Tharek Tolemac
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Diner Crafting Stations?

Post by Tharek Tolemac »

Hello all,

I just decided to redecorate and wonder if I can remove the +45 Food and Structure Station I have. Has anyone found out what the value of the inherent stations have? are they 45 or 0 or what?

Thanks for the info if someone has it.

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Re: Diner Crafting Stations?

Post by Onyx »

No, though that question has been asked of the devs specifically.

My gut-instinct is that they are the same as droid crafting stations--i.e. they hold a null value. But that is just a guess.
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Re: Diner Crafting Stations?

Post by Zimoon »

And because of the missing knowledge, is anybody up to have a Chef do a test run?

A test run that is good enough for statistical analysis is something like two times 400 - 500 experiments (items is not necessary as it is the outcome from each experiment that is interesting). Both runs are better held naked (no suit) and outside a research city without any buffs whatsoever. This is to reduce any impact from these factors during the test run, even if their impact is small --- get rid of any impact :)

First in a house with a 45.00 station:
Turn on chat logging, command /log
---- log is saved in SWG\profiles\account\ and can be handled so we get the experiment outcome, post it
With the same resources, select and stick to an item and craft away, experiment one box at a time, always at the same line
---- gives the more experiments per resource and item :)
50 items later should be 500 experiments, from the basic 10 boxes

Next, repeat exactly the same thing but inside a Diner.

The crucial thing is to do exactly the same thing twice, one thing with a 45.00 station and another time with a Diner. If just one thing is made different between the two the result is spoiled. Hence, stick to the chosen item, use exactly the same resources, whether great or recycled, etc.

Post the entire log or clean out parts that is not about experimenting. Then statisticians can scrutinize the numbers over and over again. But better is, they serve as a one-time statement that we can refer to when n00bs say it is not proven.

Good luck

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Re: Diner Crafting Stations?

Post by Azural »

Did anyone ever take the time to test this? If the structure is 0 effectiveness will a station with +45 override it or will the structure take precedence?
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