Looted Schematics and Orders

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T'rip Tucker
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Looted Schematics and Orders

Post by T'rip Tucker »

Someone comes to you with a looted schematic, and they want you to craft it for them? Why aren't the looted schematics here on SWG? Someone asked me to make the a "Nova Edge Sword" was what I think it was called, and I told them I wasn't going to make unless they had a resource list for me? I was wondering if its being rude by just simply telling them "Hey if I don't know what the needed resources are I am not going to waste a schematic"?
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Re: Looted Schematics and Orders

Post by Savacc »

We are working on it T'rip :D

If you decide to make this schematic, you could help us out by reporting the info for it here:

Then we will have it. :D

It is not unreasonable at all to want to know what resources will be needed and the experimental properties before agreeing to make a schematic. If there are multiple lines to experiment I would want to know what the customers priorities would be and what expectations they have for the stats of the finished product.

Since I dont have the schematic in hand, I can only give you general advise. See if the customer can get info by examining the looted schematic in their inventory. If they are willing to trust you, and you are willing to do them the favor, if you take the schematic and "learn" it, you will be able to get all the info by examining it in your data pad (that is what we would want you to tell us for our database). You would need to communicate that at this point it may take you time to gather the necessary resources if you dont have them already. A lot depends on your relationship with your potential customer. If I didnt know someone, I probably wouldnt put out a lot of effort to try to make a schematic I knew nothing about. If I knew them, and they were willing to wait on me, I would make more of an effort.
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Re: Looted Schematics and Orders

Post by Zimoon »

Welcome around Trip and congrats to your first post here :)

I have not much else to say to Savacc than this:

I am aware of the fact that there are dozens of schematics missing for Munitions :(
My experience is that it seems WS are more interested in posting the bragging kind of screenies at the SOE-WS forum than a simple screenie of the schematic here at SWGCraft. Don't ask me why :roll:

I have over and over again asked in the SOE-Munitions forum asked these guys to take a quick screenshot of the schematic from their Datapad once they have learned it and then post it here at any time of their convenience, but no :?

This site is completely user-driven. Content is submitted by players like you, Savacc and myself.
If anything is missing it is because somebody could have posted it but did not.

Whining? Me? Nono, why should I? I am more or less telling what my experience is 8)

There are several ways to post the data we need to add schematics to the database:
Easiest --- take one or two screenies of it from the datapad and post them here -- just make sure all text is visible, from top down. Add the required level for crafting it.
Harder --- a lot harder, write it all down by hand and post the details, there are lots of details so.... hehe

Your question, hmm, I rather think it is polite to tell them that you honestly cannot tell because you don't know the recipe and if you need to buy that resources at the open market that can be a dozen-million deal. Just don't forget the screenies :P


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