Question: How is crafting experience determined?

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Question: How is crafting experience determined?

Post by Nazaca »

As the title says, how do I determine which schematic is the best to practice with in order to earn the most experience for the resources used at any given level? Is it resource based? Unique to each schematic? Complexity based? Something else entirely?
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Re: Question: How is crafting experience determined?

Post by sambril »

In general the more resources used the higher the xp awarded, but the xp/resource ratio does vary quite a bit and I think it is fairly arbitrary. If you check the schematics pages on this site you will see the xp and the ratio listed for a lot of them, though there are also many where the knowledge is incomplete.
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Re: Question: How is crafting experience determined?

Post by Savacc »

Most of the time, XP is based off of number of resources and complexity, however sometimes they just throw ya a curve and the XP amount on a schematic seems to defy explanation. :shock:
On the official forums you can find "Grinding Guides" that tell you, "make x amount of y until you reach level z". The Structures Trader forum is rampant with these guides. :roll:
Generally speaking, you want a schematic with the most resources and fewest mouse clicks. The ideal schematic is the "Gungan Head Statue". It uses 2k ore and 1 k gemstone in two mouse clicks. Unfortunately it was nerfed by moving it to lvl 86. :(
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Re: Question: How is crafting experience determined?

Post by Zimoon »

While I am inherently against "speed-grinding" I see the value in the question, what makes up the formula for XP. And I have nothing to add to the gurus Sambril and Savacc.

So I just piggy-back on his topic and add: If you find any schematics at (or in SWGAide) which are missing the XP info, please find it and add the number as a comment for the schematic. The number should be unbuffed and not in practice mode. It never changes so just one create per such item is necessary.


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