quality and key stats

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quality and key stats

Post by kindreduk »

Hi folks

Ok i know this is potantially a big quesiton, but i'm trying to understand it in simple lay-men terms if that is possible.

I love the whole resources business. Hunting down quality stuff, harvesting grind and selling it on. I'm not best at it, but enjoy it nevertheless.

What im tryign to make sense of is what stats people really want.

I'm aware that some food stuff requries OQ and PE as important attributes for crafting, wherby Armor smiths generally need stats that involved SR and OQ.

I know thats a pretty general idea of it (or possibly not) but wanted a more extended version of thingg. Can someone advise ! would be very greatful.
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Re: quality and key stats

Post by Zbignew »

kindreduk wrote:Ok i know this is potantially a big quesiton, but i'm trying to understand it in simple lay-men terms if that is possible.
First of all welcome to SWGCraft and the wonderful world of resource collecting. Actually the size of your question is the same as the # of different types of schematics. Although some stats are very common, ie OQ/SR for munitions, OQ/CD for engineers, often some schematics require stats from 4 different categories. Some stats are unused anymore like ER and CR, all the others count in some schematic somewhere. Since many schematics' stats have no effect on the outcome, you also need to know which of those count.
I don't know if anyone ever compiled a complete list, others may be along who do know but most of the official crafter forums have stickied guides that include important resources for their trade. If your willing to do the research, you could compile lists from fellow crafters as well. Good luck and one piece of advice --- LOTS of storage in your house :idea:
Also good basic info in Zimoon's Trader guide http://www.swgcraft.org/forums/viewtopi ... 1649#p1649

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Re: quality and key stats

Post by Savacc »

Zbignew, pretty much covered it. There is no simple answer. Knowing what resource to use is the heart of crafting in this game and what makes it so complex. :D

Here is a guide to mining that I recommend
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Re: quality and key stats

Post by Harpua »

Two things you can do here.

Look up the schematics in the database. See what resources they take and what attribute is important.

Look for specific resources. Day you have a Polysteel Copper with a high OQ. Click on the "Polysteel Copper" link and see what it is used in. Tab back to see the stats to see whether it's good or not. Sometimes you may need high OQ and CD. So a 1000 OQ doesn't do you as much good if the conductivity is low.

I also set filters so I can check different stats or resources. So I check for OQ or PE above 950. As long as I know what else the resource needs, it's a quick way of weeding out marginal resources.

So basically it depends on what you are making. My architect is always looking for the high HR/SR/UT stuff. My DE has a different set of stuff (that never seems to spawn, grrr!). Eventually you'll work out a system or just go crazy.
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Re: quality and key stats

Post by Zimoon »

I am biased so bear with me, however, SWGAide is the tool for kindreduk as it is possible to find which resources are best for a selected schematic, or vice versa, which schematics best utilizes a selected resource, and many more combinations of queries. If you have added resources to its resource inventory they are included in these displays. Use F1 to bring up the help texts, or once you have launched SWGAide once there is a file named index.html so you can browse the help texts anytime.

But yes, the link Savacc posted is great, at least you will laugh a lot :)

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