The Complete Resource Survey Tool's best feature

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The Complete Resource Survey Tool's best feature

Post by Onyx »

I somehow managed to miss a particular feature of the new Complete Resource Survey Tool.

The post on the SOE forums detailing it is just too good not to read, so I am quoting it here:) Thanks goes to mcorey for this tidbit.

Milking the new survey tool for all it's worth...
So, as some of you probably know by now, the new GCW2-rewarded Complete Resource Survey Tool includes the ability to survey for all resources, including creature resources. Especially noteworthy, it includes those creature resources that are normally inaccessible and with surveying comes hand-sampling.

I'm currently on Rori extracting domesticated milk from the starport because it happens to be better than what I had (not particularly great and definitely not capped, but a marked improvement). Rori, of course, normally doesn't have a native source of domesticated milk - while I'm sacrificing the ability to get exceptional milk samples, I'm gathering a resource that would normally have been inaccessible. The acquisition rate is slower than milking, but the afk-factor balances that out. I could, in theory, park a secondary account here and gather milk for days on end; I'd go utterly insane trying to do the milking minigame for multiple hours across multiple days.

With that said, it can't even begin to compare to the standard hide/meat/bone harvest rates if you have a group with multiple harvest droids, especially if you can pull missions for creatures that yield the desired resource.

On the other hand, it's a definite improvement over being completely unable to access certain resources on certain planets. If there's a particularly good seafood in cycle, it's definitely much easier than the shellfish harvesting tool or fishing. Eggs? A hundred eggs per minute! No running around from lair to lair, no spamming the lair search command...but no exceptional eggs. Or, you know, glow worms, if you're a glow worm connoisseur.

No amount of hand-wavium will ever make this particular mechanic internally consistent or sane (I'm kneeling in the starport, digging in the ground, and somehow extracting large volumes of milk), but it's awfully convenient.
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