Droidsmith's Tool Set Socket

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Droidsmith's Tool Set Socket

Post by Anitha »

Hello fello Crafters,

I have the schematic for Droidsmith's Tool Set (bandolier) and I can make it with a socket.

My question is: Can I stack the crafted stats with an SEA?


Anitha :)
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Re: Droidsmith's Tool Set Socket

Post by Savacc »

No. Only the highest stat, whether it is the one in the toolkit, or the SEA will stick. So if your toolkit has +3 Experimentation and you add an SEA with +8 Experimentation, you will have +8, not +11.

Apparently there is a bug, introduced in GU12, that is allowing the two bonuses to stack. SOE is aware of it and says they will fix it in an upcoming patch, if they haven't already. See this thread from the WS forum about putting an SEA on a WS Toolkit.

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