Getting headache to calculate this lol

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Getting headache to calculate this lol

Post by Swedishoyster »

Ok so math is not my strong side and I getting severe headache to calculate this.

I'm trying to do the best armor possible and got stuck trying to add segment enhancements.
The problem is that they are added at SEGMENT level, thus needing 3 to make a core.
Now, this is only a problem when it comes to the chest armor, they need 3 _identical_ cores.

So 3 cores, need 9 segments need 9 krayt scales, no problem, B U T they must be factory made.
Thus, making 9 segments in a factory needs 9+1(schematic) scales = 10 scales with same serial, no problem, rare but they are available
Then, making 3 cores in a factory need 9 segments+1(schematic) = 10+3 scales 13 with same serial, NOT AVAILABLE on my server.

So I tried to think, if I take one serial batch for one segment, then another for the 2nd then a third batch for the 3rd segment slot, will I need less OF THE SAME SERIAL or not? Tried to write it out on paper then my brain meleted, plx I need help theorycrafting this, it's way too expensive stuff to experiment on :-)
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Re: Getting headache to calculate this lol

Post by pezy »

I feel Your Pain.
I just did this this week, It took 2 days, and I was doing RIS so I had a couple extra issues to contend with, but moving on.

My solution was to do 3 Stacks of 6, this gets you the head and chest, 3 stacks of 3 for the legs and then I hand carved the rest.
SO 4 Primus Layers per segment, 3 Segments per Core, 1 scale per segment. (Note the serial numbers need to be different in each core in order to stack so you get +45 health or whatever it is your looking for)
You need 84 Primus layers total, Each stack of segments gets a set of scales with the same serial number, Run each stack and when you make the cores use 1 segment from each run. This way when you load them you will get your bonus.

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