Level 90 Munitions Trader With No idea

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Level 90 Munitions Trader With No idea

Post by Starette »


I have recently just returned to SWG after a few years...

I have a Level 90 Munitions Trader that I seem unable to get to grips with... I'm not that intelligent and I really want to get my trader to a point in which I can successfully make good armor for anyone but whenever I try to learn about it I get confused and /quit in anger...

My current expertise build is - http://www.oekevo.org/expertisecalculat ... 50cd48-0-3

Are those points spent better elsewhere?

The reason I have points in those general areas are because I want to have vendors and harvesters running full time and I want to be able to sample well... Do the artisan dexterity points increase armor smith skills or just when crafting general items?

I would also like to be able to create bits for money so I put 2 points in the Reverse Engineering skill.. What other things will I need for good bit making?

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Re: Level 90 Munitions Trader With No idea

Post by Zimoon »

Welcome to SWGCraft :)

I am not an AS so I cannot help you with that, but I moved you to the forum board where the experts usually hang out.

You do not need any Artisan things though, just AS stuff. I cannot review your expertize atm, but commenting on your post only. Harvesting sounds OK. You want Resource Refinery too. To do RE you want all expertize possible, with one exception, you don´t need the retrofit tool but you want to use that point elsewhere. Probably you you can save the points in vendors too.

You will find a generic guide stickied in the general crafting forum, another one in the RE forum. Good luck :)


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