Spreadsheet to calculate selling price based on CPU

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Spreadsheet to calculate selling price based on CPU

Post by Swedishoyster »

Hey guys, as I was dusting off my armoursmith to start selling armours again I realized my old spreadsheets was gone, so I made a new one. What it's supped to do is calculate the price I'll sell my various armour pieces based on CPU, with or without primus layer.

So I made a test one for a composite armour chestpiece with a selling price with or without primus layer.
You are supposed to get an accurate selling value by just altering the CPU you want for your resources in the yellow fields.

If anyone care to look if I got it right, and or even come up with suggestions for improvement it would be awesome.
Also if you find it useful, feel free to use it yourself.

Oh and it's on OpenOffice format, no one uses Excel anymore do they?

Thanks in advance
Spreadsheet in OpenOffice format
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