AS Third Party Crafting Tool

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AS Third Party Crafting Tool

Post by MerlinDaD »

I'm looking for an AS Tool that will allow me to run crafting experiments outside the game, which will yield viable results that match what I can do in-game.

I have tried AS little helper, ArmorsmithtoolKit and ASCalculator. The first two are so out of date and complicated that I gave up on them. The third one always seems to give results that do not correlate to what happens in game. I have seen it give me segment stats that are within two points of what I build in-game and then when I use those segments to craft cores I have had core stats come out as much as -200 points from what it says they should be.

I'm a 40month vet player of the game and was a DE until five months ago when I respeced to AS for a bigger challenge. I have built unlayered capped Assault and Battle Armor, and I'm attempting to build the same as far as Recon.

I have read the Guides many times and was humbled frequently by the fact that there is a lot of info that MUST be understood to be an effective armourer. I refuse to build anything that is not Quality as I want my customers to be able to recommend me to others for my services.

I have been using SWGAide and MYRes and they are very helpful. Kudos to you: Zimoon for all your efforts!!!!

Am I asking for something that is not available?
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Re: AS Third Party Crafting Tool

Post by Zimoon »

Thanks for your kind words :)

I must admit I am not familiar with AS at all, totally lost so to say, and I have not heard of anything but the AS Little Helper. Cannot help you on that one :(

For the long term plans, to be able to add anything to SWGAide I need to have an understanding of how AS works, kind of a short essay. After that I can ask questions but I guess there are components (cores?) that impacts the final results, etc., so there must be tables of stats or whatever.

Sorry I cannot help you today and SWGAide only moves forward as my spare time allows me to. I have actually made my first steps towards an open source, if anybody is interested in Java coding :D

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Re: AS Third Party Crafting Tool

Post by shiplemw »

I'm curious what did you find out of date on the ASlittlehelper excel file? I know when I was looking at AS before chapter 5 it was pretty accurate but I made up my own because the formatting of that one was dysfunctional (imo).

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